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Welcome to Bay Resort Hoi An


Bay Resort Hoi An

A New Dawn In Hoi An

Nestled on the banks of Hoai River, overlooking the Hoi An Ancient Town, Bay Resort Hoi An is a peaceful retreat offering an enchanting experience.
Bay Resort Hoi An is built to become a center for discovering local wonderment and intrigue, and perhaps, guests can add on their own tales from their stay, and in a way, gain memories and stories of a lifetime.

Hoi An Riverview | Bay Resort Hoi An

The Timeless
Hoi An

A former port city of Vietnam, Hoi An is well-known globally for housing Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with yellow houses. Lose yourself on winding streets filled with lanterns and traditional houses decorated with wooden carvings of traditional motifs, or spend half a day exploring the Murals of Tam Thanh Village and visiting the iconic Vietnamese Heroic Mother Statue.

Experiences Await

With signature experiences you won’t find anywhere else, Bay Resort Hoi An is home for truly memorable moments

Cooking Class & Market Tour

Our guided tour of Hoi An's most iconic market, Cho Hoi An, offers insights into how we procure meat and vegetables on a daily basis. Our chefs meticulously curate a daily menu inspiring guests from every corner of the world to discover Hoi An's vibrant culinary heritage

Mixology Masterclass at Olah!

Don your robes, grab your wands and get ready for your most spirited Potions class yet, with our carefully curated mixology masterclass at Olah!

Dining Extraordinaire | Bay Resort Hoi An

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